065 – Should Exmuslims Criticize Hinduism or Stick to Islam?


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A discussion with ex-Muslim Hindu YouTuber @Farhan Qureshi , ex-Muslim YouTuber @IntrovertedSmiles , Mukunda of Meru Media (Hindu) to discuss bashing of Hinduism and was it appropriate.

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0:00 Introductions.
1:02 Abdullah’s understanding of Hinduism.
4:10 Farhan’s recap of the sexy kali controversy.
5:05 Mukunda’s recap of the controversy- is it free speech vs religion? Should you comment on issues if not well informed?
7:38 Farhan’s take on the controversy.
10:42 IntrovertedSmiles’s message to Hindus on how to react to controversy.
11:11 Differentiating between Hinduism and Hindutva and cautioning against lumping them together.
11:43 tribalism, Mukunda’s message on how to respond to people exercising free speech
12:30 Hindus drawing parallels between the sex Kali controversy and the BLM movement.
13:17 How the Hindus might be perceiving the controversy (applying historical context)
14:36 Farhan’s response to this charge.
17:13 Hinduism should not be granted special treatment or exempted from criticism and mockery
17:51 Quranic verse regarding ridiculing other idols, Mohammad desecrating idols and temples of other religions.
19:40 worldview that created modern atheism and how it is different from the open atheism in Hindu texts and traditions.
23:37 Ask for help from people who are well versed in a given text/subject. Abdullah shares an anecdote on quoting a portion of the Verda and what he learned from the experience.
25:33 What is the relationship between Hindus and their religious texts? Are the texts divinely inspired?
26:16 Farhan’s response (both from a personal and traditional perspective )
27:32 Mukunda’s response (different schools of thought and tradition in Hinduism including atheism)
31:00 currently there is no room for questioning people and skeptics in Islam although some regions are showing openness towards secularism.
33:40 How should people bypass the “reactionaries” when blaspheming against Hindu gods?
35:40 Why should Hinduism be granted the chance to explain context before people can criticize it?
39:16 How the free speech spaces are different for people in the west compared to Indians in India.
40:10 Thought process for blaspheming (Armin’s reasoning)
42:25 Was it okay to post the photo of the goddess Kali?
42:45 Farhan’s response (Silent majority vs reactionaries)
44:01 Proportionality in the response by the Hindus
44:50 Mukunda’s response
46:34 Why are Hindus largely for the desecration of the Quran but not their gods?
48:14 Is it just tribalism or there is more to the Hindu response? (Anti-muslim sentiments)
50:16 Can we make an equivalence of Hindutva and Islams or Salafism? (conservatism and nationalism)
53:12 Blasphemy and Free speech in India (court cases against Armin)
56:03 Article 295 (Anti-religious sentiment law in India)
57:48 Should we be worried by the online response or should we count on the silent majority for the safety of blasphemers.
1:01:25 Are Hindus offended by the blasphemer’s identity more than the intent of the person? (historical context).
1:04:01 Why cling on to the past? ( Ultranationalist sentiments)
1:05:36 How the current civil/ family law structuring might be contributing to the animus between Hindus and Muslims.
1:07:53 Context in which desecrating the Quran and blasphemy is a better form of protest
1:11:36 Farhan’s perspective on desecrating the Quran.
1:12:44 Creating spaces for reasonable criticism.
1:15:55 Farhan’s response to the argument of creating safe spaces for more criticism
1:19:37 Mukunda’s response
1:22:37 How this controversy exposed people’s bigotry
1:26:33 The need for “western type” of secularism in India, a brief history of Indian secularism.
1:28:42 Indian heritage inherently Hindu and hence the need to consider this as a historical aspect.
1:30:39 Announcements and guest youtube channel details.
1:33:55 Beef ban in India.
1:37:05 Antimuslim bigotry towards Uyghurs
1:40:43 Would you like to live in a Sharia state or under CCP?
1:41:20 What Darshanas are followed by Farhan and Mukunda?
1:42:30 Mukunda’s final remarks
1:42:45 IntrovertedSmiles final remarks
1:43:36 Farhan’s final remarks
1:44:30 Abdullah’s final remarks.

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