STUDY ABROAD: If you see a biker with an orange helmet driving a white and blue BMW then there’s a chance his name is Moritz (28.06.2021)


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One lesson Moritz says he learned during the pandemic is that there’s no point in waiting for the perfect time to do something because you never know when a new pandemic might be just around the corner. When he came to Slovenia, prices of gasoline were at a record low. Because of this, he was looking forward to all the places he would be able to travel to with his motorbike. The prices of gasoline have since jumped up by more than 20%. The German exchange student says that because of this, he has had to re-examine his plans a bit, adding that in the end, nothing would stop him from traveling with his motorbike. Not the pandemic and certainly not the prices of gasoline. He chose to play the song Faster by Within Temptation.

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