Why Does FIFA Want a World Cup Every Two Years?


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World Cup qualifying showcased many things about the beautiful game on and off the pitch this past week. Especially in the facet of having global things affect the games themselves.
Of course, Brazil vs. Argentina debacle is front of mind as those in charge of Brazil’s medical quadrant got involved and made a fiasco of a huge game that had already started. Plus Erik Watkins has another story that is even bigger than that one.
Sean Garmer has a bone to pick with FIFA and why they did not honor the already in place UEFA stadium ban which could have prevented the racial abuse incidents that the England players suffered in their game against Hungary.
FIFA has also drawn the ire of UEFA and many others in a grander way as right now Arsene Wenger is leading the charge for a major change to the FIFA World Cup structure in possibly having it biennially instead of every four years. The guys have a great discussion and try to answer the question of Why FIFA wants a World Cup every two years and why this isn’t such a good idea.
Also, the NWSL made a huge decision in not only having their championship game in Portland again, but also making the game a 9 am Pacific time start. The duo discusses why this is a bad move and what it says about the league decision-makers as a whole.

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