How to Achieve Big Goals in Business


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It's hard to believe that it's been two years since we launched the Elite Achievement podcast! In that time, we've had the privilege of interviewing top business and lifestyle leaders as well as helping our listeners grow and achieve their goals. Today we are delighted to share a combined episode of three of our past guests Julia Pimsluer, Beate Chelette and Nisu Patel in honor of our anniversary.

Julia Pimsleur is the founder of Million Dollar Women, a New York City-based social venture which has helped thousands of women entrepreneurs scale up their businesses. She is also the author of Go Big Now, a mindset-focused book about how to get and keep the go big mindset.

Beate Chelette is the growth architect and founder of The Women’s Code. She provides visionaries and leaders with strategies, blueprints and results-oriented tools and techniques that give clear steps to scale your impact.

Nisu Patel is a Financial Advisor and Growth & Development Director at Northwestern Mutual. Nisu was honored as one of Northwestern Mutual’s top financial planning advisors in the country. He is the second youngest advisor to achieve this esteemed forum status and is the youngest within his home state of Alabama.

Today we’re talking with these three business leaders about how to achieve big goals in our professional endeavors.


05:40 - You can't just start teaching someone business skills without first addressing the mindset. Because if you take someone who was raised thinking, oh, if I promote myself, that's being pushy, or women, sometimes we've been taught that's not feminine.

08:13 - You can only grow your business as big as you can grow yourself. Because if you have the dream of a $5 million business, but you have a mindset that oh, well, if I put myself out there too many people are going to hate me, or my kids aren't going to love me anymore.

16:30 - When we are building a business, the idea is not incremental growth. The idea is quantum leaps – so much more fun. When I sold my business that was a quantum leap. That's like, how do you get from a revenue of a million dollars to having a multimillion dollar payday?

24:35 - Change only works if you consistently run the new program every single day, until the new program has taken hold so significantly that the old program just kind of runs in the background.

28:48 - A lot of times, scarcity thoughts and scarce actions come up because we have fear as well. And for me, having faith, trusting the process, having a game plan, and believing in what you're doing allows you to be more abundant.

31:07 - I think belief had a lot to do with it. But belief is only so much, right? It can only give you so much energy. But I think tying your belief in what you're doing to your why was very helpful for me. Because at times, there's not many things that can re-energize you when there's just compounded thing after thing after thing going wrong and going against you.

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