S3E7 – A little further: Mark Billingham- From UK SAS Operator to in front of the camera


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Former UK SAS operator, Mark ‘Billy’ Billingham grew up on tough council estate in Birmingham. Leaving school at eleven, the threat of juvenile detention hanging over his head, he was running with gangs, and almost being killed in a knife fight at 15 eventually led to Billy discovering the British Armed Forces at sixteen. Billy spent 8 years in the UK Parachute Regiment in 1983 and served until 1991 before doing the UK SAS selection course and successful joining the Regiment as a Mountain Troop specialist. He subsequently saw service in Iraq, Afghanistan, South America and Africa as well as hostage rescue operations. After his career in the SAS Billy worked as a bodyguard for the world's biggest A-listers including being a permanent bodyguard for years with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and their six children. Billy then transitioned onto the other side of the camera including as a co-host of the television shows SAS UK and SAS Australia.

We talk growing up and into the military and then in detail talking about Billy’s experience on the UK SAS selection course. Then time in the unit….. and beyond. We talk about techniques for controlling fear. Billy also shares anecdotes as a bodyguard and of course his experience on the TV set of the reality shows of SAS UK and SAS Australia.

In 2010, Billy deployed to Haiti to help after a devastating earthquake destroyed the country. He lived and worked in Haïti for 3 years in an effort to help rebuild the country and continues to support Haïti as an ambassador to the charity REBUILD. REBUILD provides education and job training to the most vulnerable.

* Note: DS = Directing Staff = the instructors on a selection course.

Intelligence Summary (INTSUM)

03:40 Billy’s Peaky Blinders comparison….. growing up hard in Birmingham

10:50 Purpose and identity… Billy’s parallel moment with Australia’s VC winners… off the street and into the UK’s Parachute Regiment

14:00 About the Parachute Regiment and the genesis of Billy wanting to do the UK 22 SAS Selection Course.

16:50 Into SAS Selection….. the endearing memories.

18:00 What happens to the fit good looking dudes on Selection (*considering the three of us it makes sense)…. Candidate wastage on selection.

21:00 Jungle phase of SAS Selection… and Billy’s feeling at the end of selection

25:10 No feedback- the challenge of a lack of feedback on SAS selection

30:30 Billy on controlling fear

36:50 The fondest memories from the SAS. Lessons learned.

41:20 Billy moves into security and bodyguarding roles. Why Hulk Hogan needs a bodyguard.

44:00 Would Billy want to change places with an A-lister?

48:00 How did Billy keep the personal relationship from the professional relationship- balance.

51:30 How did SAS UK and SAS Australia come about…. and how closely does it resemble SAS selection?

58:00 About being persona non grata (PNG).

1:04:00 Billy’s book ‘The Hard Way’

1:06:00 Billy’s upcoming speaking tour

1:08:00 What does ‘Always a little further’ mean to Billy

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