Brock Explains Why Jimmy Lake Didn't Work at UW; a First Look at Potential Candidates to Replace Him


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With Jimmy Lake's firing official, Salk puts Brock on the hot seat. Why didn't Lake's tenure work out the way UW athletic director Jen Cohen expected it would? Brock gives a comprehensive breakdown of the misses for the Husky program over the last 2 years. What role did Chris Petersen have in Lake's hiring, and what role will he play in the search for his replacement? Brock gives his early list of potential candidates to replace Lake at UW and a list for the Cougs, too.

Brock and Salk might be taking crazy pills, but they may be the only ones left who believe Russell Wilson's finger was the reason for his performance against Green Bay. Salk was bothered by the return, but not for the reason you might expect. What does this portend for the future of Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll?

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