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Jeremy Whitley

Jeremy Whitley

The good news is, It’s a great day here in area 51 when we get to visit again with someone we really like and they have a new project to talk about. The better news is we are for some unknown reason STILL talking about aliens on earth and the agencies that support them. Our old friend Jeremy Whitley returns. You might, that is should remember him from his Princeless series and The Unstoppable Wasp. His newest graphic novel is something that John Cleese might call “completely different”, except that it isn’t.

Along with artist Jamie Noguchi, Jeremy has created book one in his newest series, “School for Extraterrestrial Girls” Without going into any details which might be considered spoilers this is the story of twins separated at birth, one a prince, the other a street beggar who decide to change roles and….no wait, that’s Dickens. This IS the story of a young teenage girl who spontaneously combusts (albeit only partially) and finds out in short order that not only is she not of this earth but there are literally hundreds like her. From the point of view of Tara Smith, the aforementioned “fire girl”, we learn about an existing sub-culture of ET’s that for whatever reason are stranded here on Earth and cared for and taught how to survive by the “friendly” humans at Blacksite 513. With the use of ingenious tech, the aliens can alter their outer being to appear human to others as well as to themselves and this first book in the series gives us a wonderfully inventive introduction to the setting, characters and events.

If the old saying you can’t judge a book by its cover holds true, well then welcome to the school for extraterrestrial girls where you can’t judge an alien by their skin…or something like that.

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School For Extraterrestrial Girls

School For Extraterrestrial Girls

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