Tips for Success as Your Sales Career Journey Continues with Sales Leaders Jeffrey Wolinsky and Billy Biggs


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This is episode 433.

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JEFFREY'S TIP: "The journey continues. I think for new sellers, we were talking about people who’ve joined the Institute for Excellence in Sales, people think that they can do something and then be there, they can have arrived and be successful, be a senior salesperson or a sales leader. The journey always continues as things change, what has been made very available to everybody is that embracing change, adapting to change and actually changing to get better is a big part of being a successful salesperson. Stay on a journey for making yourself more valuable to both your organization and your customers’ organization, and you’ll be well served."

BILLY'S TIP: "Figure out the top 10 challenges that each one of your prospects have and how you can provide value. I don’t think sales reps do this enough, they sell the product and/or service. Figure out the top 10. For me, the top 10 IT transformational projects at each agency level, that’s what I want my AEs focused on and how we can provide value."

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