5. Meet Jonathan Hill - La Visión Director at Chicago Dance!


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You are now listening to Ritmos Negros! I hope you all brought your big coats, gloves, and leather hats because we are headed for a city known for wind, snow, and just generally confused weather. This city is praised for the hot dog, the bean, and of course, Latin Dance! That's right! I'm talking about CHICAGO! Home of the International Salsa Congress, CSBF, and many more world-renowned events.

In this last episode of the "Salsa Series," Jonathan (Jonah) Hill, a Chicago Latin dance instructor and personal friend of mine, joins us to discuss the complexities between dance, Black identity, and teaching Afro-Latin dance in Chicago. In addition to being a choreographer and director of La Visión Dance Academy, Jonah is also a youth counselor, so you already know he was dropping much wisdom in this one. How do non-Latin Black Americans connect to Afro-Latin music and dance? How are diverse identities perceived in the Global Latin dance community? Find out from our experiences & more in this episode! Can't miss it!

Click here to take a class w/ Jonah Hill & La Visión!

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