4. Meet Isabel Freiberger - NYC Salsa Queen!


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We have reached the end of one journey and the beginning of another. And I'm not just speaking New Year's jokes. Here's a funny joke...New Year's Resolutions. Ok, ok, let's get back to the point. We must now pack our bags and set course for a new region as we leave our beloved Cuba! Lights, camera, action! We're in NYC, baby!

In this episode of "Salsa Series," we speak with Isabel Freiberger, a professional salsa dancer based in NYC. Did you know that NYC coined the term "salsa"? We discuss the importance of acknowledging Salsa's African roots as they connect to NYC's salsa history. Additionally, Isa teaches us the complexities of dance, identity, and community in a busy city.

Isa is a professional photographer, so check out her work here!


Learn more about Isa and her dance classes here!


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