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Release date: July 29th, 2022

In the latest episode of APA Publishing’s Psychiatry Unbound, host Dr. Laura Roberts is joined by Paul Summergrad, M.D., to discuss his recent Textbook of Medical Psychiatry, written for the wide range of clinicians who grapple with the diagnostic and treatment challenges inherent in this clinical reality: medical and psychiatric illnesses do not occur in isolation from one another. Because assessment in these cases may be challenging, the book addresses general medical conditions that directly cause psychiatric illness and the medical differential diagnosis of common psychiatric illnesses. It’s a hugely readable, elegantly-structured, and well-written book which took over thirty years to gestate, and covers a wealth of subjects, making for a truly invaluable read – which in turn has made for a very entertaining episode of the podcast.

In this episode:

Introduction (0:25) Other contributors to the book (1:10) Genesis of the book (1:29) What distinguishes this book from other titles in the field? (6:57) “A textbook you could sit down and read from cover to cover” (14:35) Thoughts on effects of Covid-19 on global mental health (19:20) Conclusion (26:45) Show Notes and Resources: Textbook of Medical Psychiatry (American Psychiatric Association Publishing, 2020) Learn more about Dr. Paul Summergrad. Transcript and Other Episodes

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