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Anjuli has taken the fitness industry by surprise. From a small town in New Zealand, she grew up wanting to have both a deep impact on people’s lives, and wanting to make her mark in the world in some way. Through fitness, she found that vehicle.

Along the way, she struggled with binge eating, traits of body dysmorphia, anxiety and many dark lows. Yet, she has found a way through it all. Anjuli talks on her journey through these tough times, to taking the stage in the WBFF Bikini Category for a bodybuilding show and getting second place, to launching a very successful and impactful coaching business, to being a sponsored athlete.

On her journey, she has uncovered many tools and techniques she uses to get herself out of the darkness, and back into the light. With her strong desire to help, she shares these very powerful and practical tips that will help you step into new areas of growth.

Anjuli's IG's @anjuli_fitforlife & @anjuli_mack

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