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Pernell has lived a life that many would only think were in movies and tales that you hear. Stories that you would be told of the racism in America, or the times when racism was peaking and slavery existed. Yet… he’s lived it.

He’s lived the repercussion of what deep rooted racism has created. From fearing for his life constantly, to being pinned by a police officer simply because he was asking for help, to seeing a man pass in front of his eyes. Now this may seem tragic, and you might be thinking “I don’t want to listen to something so dreadful”. Yet, Pernell brings such an abundant energy to this podcast, just listening to him brings light into my life! He then navigates his way to freedom. Freedom that he has created on his own terms. From living in fear in America, to living life the way he wants in Columbia writing a book!

I have learnt many lessons from this fantastic human, and I will continue to learn many more. Let us heal this planet together, one moment at a time.

Pernell’s Instagram: @pernellbobby

Pernell’s Book: Objective Empathy (out in a few months)

Pernell’s YouTube: Pernell Bobby Edwards Jr.

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