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There's the direct pain of the Coronavirus itself... then there's the indirect pain. Less money coming in, troubles at home, fear of own thoughts, anxiety and depression itself, worries in relationships, worries about family overseas and loneliness. We address all of these issues that have come up during the time of this pandemic. Various questions were asked via Instagram, so we narrowed it down to a few of the main ones and answered them.

If you do struggle in this time, then this is the podcast for you, as we talk about practical tools and actionable things you can do to help your situation, and to feel so much dam better. This is advice you will take for not just this time period, but to execute on overall wellbeing in life. If you seek further help, please reach out to myself or a therapist close by that can assist as you need. This isn't a burden... it's a sign of strength.

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