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First you find it, then you feel it, then you face it, then you heal it. This was a huge lesson I learnt through my journey of healing anxiety. It’s a process that I tried to cut short and go straight to the healing of anxiety. Unfortunately (as Aaron relays) it’s not that simple. If it was that simple anxiety wouldn’t even be a thing!

Through something called ‘Radical Acceptance’, we can come to a place where anxiety is no longer a place of no return, but a place of learning and understanding… which very shortly evolves into a state of growth; not regression.

Aaron Myres; a previous client and now friend of mine grew up in the chaos of loneliness, self-doubt and constant simmering anxiety that seemed to brew up over time. He’s done wonders over the period we worked together in our coach-client relationship, and has come out the other side in consistent growth and expansion. I am beyond proud of his progress.

If Aaron’s story resonates, then please feel free to reach out to either Aaron or I. You are not a burden to either of us in letting us know your struggles.

If guidance from anxiety to mental and emotional freedom is something you seek then you can message myself on the contact details below for further details.

Aaron’s Instagram: @apmyers91

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