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Going through hell-ish experiences, anxiety, sadness, insecurity, all those sufferable experiences we all dabble with at certain stages in our lives, Luke (Abstract) has chosen to live his life facing them and expressing his experiences through rapping. His success has not come easily. The work he's put into his music is extraordinary. Being naturally introverted, he shares how he has gone through challenge after challenge to be able to show up fully and perform in front of large audiences.

His success includes exceeding over 100 million listens on just one of his songs, let alone the 500 odd million total listens he's accumulated on Youtube alone with his work, that's not even counting Spotify.

We dive into what Luke does during his lulls and when moments of sadness or demotivation strike, and what he's done in order to face being an introvert. There's a lot to learn through this episode, be sure to tune in!

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