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Yankees Win and sweep the homestand! great vibes all around. Enjoy our pod heres a time line for you!

Time line 00:00:00 intro 00:06:05 3 UP 3 DOWN SEGMENT 00:06:42 3 UP 00:14:40 3 DOWN 00:22:32 Game 1 12-8 W 00:34:19 Game 2 5-2 W 00:44:16 Game 3 10-5 W 00:51:12 Pinstripestrong Performer 00:53:11 Joez Pick 00:54:00 Chriz pick 00:56:18 YOU TRASH! Underperformer 00:56:45 Chriz pick 00:58:46 Joez Pick 01:01:05 PICK TO CLICK JOEZ & CHRIS PICKS 1:04:48 Final Thought 1:08:12 END

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