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This quick preview clip is from an interview with Dr. Hazel Levy.

Dr. Levy is one of the guests throughout this 7-part podcast series premiering January 20, 2019. Preview clips and teasers every Sunday night.

Dr. Hazel Levy is a professor of biochemistry, cellular and molecular biology, and embryology at the University of Florida (UF). She is the first African American woman to have a National Institutes of Health (NIH) funded research laboratory at the UF COM. In addition to researching cures for pediatric cancer and prioritizing the training of women of color in laboratory research practices, Dr. Levy directs an oral history project (in collaboration with UF’s Sam Proctor Oral History Program’s African American History Project) documenting the stories of the 13 (total) black women faculty researchers that have been employed at the UF COM, which has just celebrated its 61st year of existence. Hazel is also a social justice community organizer, serving as the Vice-Chair to the Women of Color Caucus (WOCC) of National Women’s Liberation (NWL) Gainesville, Florida chapter, and was recently a part of the team of grassroots organizers that supported the student-led coalition NoNazisatUF, which organized a 3000-person protest against White Nationalists on the UF campus last November.

The first season of #Obscene centers around policies that disproportionately affect women and womxn in marginalized groups. We’ll have a conversation about how some of those policies (or lack there of) put our lives and livelihoods in jeopardy. I wanted to move away from the format of political punditry and move into a dialogue with credentialed experts in their various fields.

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