An Ode to Advocates, Happy Holidays!


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Hi It's Maya Contreras, your host of Obscene. Since it’s about to be a holiday weekend I thought instead of my regular weekly preview I would dedicate this weekly spot to all of the activists and advocates that never seem to have a day off. "‘Twas a few nights before Christmas, through many cities and townsMany advocates were quietly workingSurviving on coffee grounds When not marching or wheeling though streets They’re educating others telling bigots to have several seats You see the life of an advocate is not glamorousBut without them our country would be quite calamitous Each day they wake with visions of what could beLike free healthcare, equal access, anti-racist policyThe work is not easy, just ask Homer it’s an Odyssey. If you know an advocate thank them todayBecause it’s incredibly taxing always to be in the frayIf it’s you, who always wakes for the fightTo secure your and others rightsThen I say to you don’t not forget about self-careWe think about you and your daily wear and tearWe know you have doubts about if your needed or consequential Please know you and your work are absolutely essentialWe love you very much and all that you doYou may not know it but we are here in our support of you". Regular previews will start again next Sunday until our official premiere on Sunday, Jan 20, 2019. Happy holidays everyone!

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