Ep 16 – Learning Curve


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New Yorker Magazine Sep 20, 2021
Now Out on Wednesdays!
This week Willie and Yianni discuss a wide range of topics such as The Met Gayla, Derrick Bell, Touts and Murder, What IS pop music?, Spy Kids, and a man who just won't stop writing. Plus all the usual bits and bobs along the way!
0:00 Cover by Barry Blitt
1:04 Mail
2:43 Talk of the Town
14:02 The Limits of Liberalism by Jelani Cobb
18:21 Cartoons
19:48 We Can Make It Work by Brian Koppelman
20:42 Vox Pop by Jia Tolentino
27:30 A Spy in Flight by Ben Taub
42:19 Secrets and Lies by D. T. Max
52:41 Week Critiques by Willie Page and Yianni Sines
Marriage, a History: How Love Conquered Marriage by Stephanie Coontz
- The White Lotus by Mike White
New Yorker Issues original artwork by Willie Page
You can find Willie and Yianni on all good and evil social media apps @_williepage_ and @yiannisines or you can find their websites at williepage.com and yiannisines.com.

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