The 3 R's for Successful Recruiting


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Ever received one of those "Hey girl" messages from someone in the Network Marketing industry who wanted you to take a look at their products or business opportunity??
Ever been told that "Hey girl" messages are the way to recruit and grow your direct sales business??
Ever wondered if there's a better, more authentic way (knowing there has to be)??
In today's March Madness Breakthrough Interview, industry leader, Katie Harbison, will share her 3 R's for recruiting in an authentic, genuine way...without the "Hey girl" messages!!
Katie Harbison has only been in the Network Marketing profession for 4 years, but her team did $110,000,000 in sales last year! She just has a knack for figuring things out, making things work, and streamlining processes. What are Katie's 3 R's that she uses to recruit? Listen to find out!!
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