Is there a LOST Civilization Underneath The Grand Canyon?


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Is there a LOST Civilization Underneath The Grand Canyon?
On April 5th, 1909 in that week's edition of the Arizona Gazette, there was an article about two archaeologists who were on an expedition in the Grand Canyon which was said to be funded by the Smithsonian. The men claimed that in the Marble Canyon section of the Grand Canyon itself, they found an expansive system of caves and caverns and, upon exploring further, found remnants of some ancient and lost civilization that once inhabited there. The Smithsonian’s Department of Anthropology were said to have funded this expedition and the men stated that, upon descending approximately 1500 feet down into the bowels of the Canyon and a wall of pure cliff, they came to a very remote and seemingly untouched area. They described it as not only being almost inaccessible but said it was surrounded by an almost forbidden area of wilderness, which shocked and amazed them both...
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