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Grab a drink and settle in for this power-packed episode of the Midwifery Wisdom Podcast. Cohost Leila Wyatt talks with Lindsey Oakes, a Queer and Nonbinary CPM practicing in California. They dive into how the show "19 Kids and Counting" introduced Lindsey to Midwifery, their experience studying at Nizhoni, working with the Amish community, tips for taking the NARM, and more.

"My name is Lindsey Oakes, my pronouns are they/them, and I’m a Queer and Nonbinary CPM and soon-to-be LM practicing and living on unceded Kumeyaay territory, currently known as San Diego, California. You can find me by email at

For those that are able and feel called to donate, I’d like to direct any monetary support to the apprentice midwife I’m dedicated to supporting on her journey. Her name is Phoebe Velasquez Islas, and she’s been a community traditional birth worker since 2014 who is prioritizing BIPOC families as well as teen/young parents. Phoebe is an apprentice midwife working with LM CPM Nicole Morales of Art of Opening Midwifery. Phoebe is a mom of four daughters, many animals, and a keeper of the land and the plants native to this part of the world. She, in my opinion, deserves all of the support in the world. Any resources donated to her journey will be recirculated through continued community support."

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-IG: @LindseyOakesMidwifery
-FB: Lindsey Oakes
-FB: Phoebe Velasquez Islas
-IG: @womb_waters_medicine_
-Venmo: Phoebe-VelasquezIslas

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