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everyone, it’s Crian and I am back with another episode edited my way. What way

is that, I am not sure but let’s roll with it. Today we are going to be

bringing you games, games and more games. Some of these may not be coming out

soon but we still want to get you fired up about 2021 and 2022. The title of

this week’s episode is: “E3 Games, Trailers and Reactions”. It was recorded on

June 22nd, 2021. Today each person has picked two trailers that have

come out in the last week. They will briefly introduce the game, afterwards, we

will watch the trailer. You won’t be able to watch the trailers but all the

links will be in the show notes if you are on Android. We apologize to Apple

podcasts listeners. You will have to manually google the trailers because Apple

doesn’t allow links to be posted in show notes. Post trailer watching, we will

give you our reactions, thoughts and whatever two cents we have. Ideally, we

are going to do eight trailers but we will see how much time we have. We run a

bit out of time today so keep an eye out on social media for next week’s

podcast episode.

Games Covered Today:

1. Somerville

2. Breath of the Wild 2

3. Elden Ring

4. Slime Rancher 2

5. WarTales

6. Survival Machine

7. Babylon’s Fall

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