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Hi listeners and middle-aged gamers. Today’s episode was edited by Phil but the trailer and show notes have been penned by yours truly Crian. Today’s episode is entitled: “Expanding Gaming’s Horizons”. It was recorded on May 25th, 2021. Today Adam, Phil and Antoine talk about games that bring something in from outside. What that something is… is for you to listen to this episode to find out. Adam is going to talk about El-Shaddai. An interesting take on an action RPG which brings in story from an interesting place. Antoine talks about the famed Surviving Mars and its connections to the real world. Phil ends the show as usual talking about Star Trek: Bridge Crew (VR). We also talk about the VR industry and gaming in general. We end the show talking about the streaming schedule for the week as well as next week’s blockbuster episode.

Games Covered Today:


2. Surviving Mars

3. Star Trek Bridge Crew

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