Marketing Attribution: Follow the Data or Trust Your Gut?


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Marketing’s not free. Is yours working? Conrad and Gyi dig into marketing attribution and how to ensure you’re spending wisely. Rand Fishkin’s new article claims “attribution is a boondoggle” and you should trust your gut, not a fancy attribution system (especially if you’re a smaller office). So, what’s going on? Can software track your marketing end-to-end process, from Google Ads to paying client?

So, how do you avoid throwing your marketing money into a black hole? Learn the 6-ish best tips for measuring marketing effectiveness. Tracking client journeys, client acquisition costs, and your marketing performance matters; do it like a marketing professional does. Plus: they get into the specter of “Dark Social” — driving demand by leveraging social media and the “network effect” to build your brand.

In the Legal Trends Report by Clio, did you know law firms with increasing revenue are 46% more likely to use client intake and client relationship management (CRM) solutions. How do online forms and intake processes figure in?

The News

  • There’s new investment into LinkSquares and the recent acquisition of WealthCounsel and ElderCounsel
  • Scorpion brings back its founder as CEO
  • CallRail’s take on Google Analytics 4 (psst, if you use an agency, ask if it’s keeping up with the new Google Analytics and preparing for the changes)

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