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This week I have the pleasure of introducing not one, but two experts from Texas, who are an important part of the audio production world, Ray Schilens and Bruce Abbott, co-owners of Radio Lounge USA, a full-service audio production company that specializes in podcasts, voiceover, broadcasting, TV, radio and live events, among other things. As Ray puts it, "We were doing podcasting before it was even called podcasting."

In this conversation they talk about their interesting careers and they also offer key advice for presenting our demos and the importance of being authentic in our work field. They also share with us some of the ways in which they’ve created strong bonds with clients for years, where they have earned much respect and always make clients feel comfortable. They point out that we as artists and communicators, must do something that is relevant, that moves the needle and changes the world.

Ray is currently the host of Ad Speaks Houston, the podcast and radio program that promotes the programs and people behind the American Ad Federation in Houston. Bruce Abbott has provided all types of voice overs and narration for the past 20 years for many big brand companies like Hewlett-Packard, Pearson Education, Verizon, Nickelodeon, Chevron, Google, Schlumberger, among others. He and Ray are also the co-hosts of Feel the Ad Love, a podcast about all things advertising and marketing, featuring great guests and stories.

You can find Ad speaks and Feel the Ad Love , as well as information about their coaching and demo production services at:


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