La hora del rock n.185 rock y más rock y vuelve a empezar!!


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LA HORA DEL ROCK N. 185 Iron Maiden\Studio albums\2000 - Brave New World (Japan, TOCP-65418)\04 Blood Brothers. \Dimmu Borgir - Northern Forces Over Wacken (Live) (2022)\16 - Mourning Palace (Live in Wacken). RIPPER EMBATTLED.mp3 7 Almas - Undone (2022)\04 - When My Worlds Collide.mp3 OZYY OSBOURNE PATIENT NUMBER 9 JEFF BECK.mp3 H.E.A.T NATIONWIDE. Harlequin's Kiss - We've Been Expecting You (2022)\01 - Insane. QUORUN \4- My way out. Lessmann & Voss - Rock Is Our Religion (2022)\02 - Smoke Without A Fire. Girish And The Chronicles - Hail to the Heroes (2022)\10 - Shamans of Time. Within Temptation - The Heart Of Everything (2007) (Special Edition) (2022)\CD2\07 - Mother Earth (Live at Shibuya-AX, Tokyo). Angkor (Colombia)\2022 - El Infierno Que Amamos\09 - Espíritu Salvaje Venus 5 - Venus 5 (2022)\05 - Monster Under Your Bed Mob Rules - Beast Reborn (Limited Edition) (2018)\01 Beast Reborn. Mob Rules - Beast Reborn (Limited Edition) (2018)\02 Ghost of a Chance. CoreLeoni - III (2022)\08 - Would You Love Me. Jack Russells Great White - Once Bitten Acoustic Bytes (2020)\03. Rock Me. Carlos Balacera-Rock n Roll por el artículo 33\En Mp3\01 Carlos Balacera-Como un puñal. Megadeth - We'll Be Back & Night Stalkers (Single) (2022)\02 - We'll Be Back. Megadeth - We'll Be Back & Night Stalkers (Single) (2022)\01 - Night Stalkers. Traitor - Exiled To The Surface (2022)\10 - Space Seed. Dimmu Borgir - Northern Forces Over Wacken (Live) (2022)\12 - The Serpentine Offering (Live in Wacken). Krisiun - Mortem Solis (2022)\02 - Serpent Messiah. Jack Starr's Burning Starr - Souls of the Innocent (2022)\08. Atilla. Def Leppard - Hysteria (30th Anniversary Edition) (3CD)\CD1\08. Don't Shoot Shotgun. Ghost Discography\Singles\2017 - He Is (Single)\01. He Is (Live In San Francisco).

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