La hora del rock metal ,metal metal!!! arriba los cuernos n.177


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LA HORA DEL ROCK N. 177 GRACE EVERGARDREN RONNIE ROMERO HOPE Graham Bonnet Band (UK)\2022 - Day Out In Nowhere\01. Imposter. Kreator - Maximum Hate (Compilation) (2022)\02 - Strongest Of The Strong. DEF LEPPARD TAKE WHAT YOU WANT DIAMOND STAR HALOS. 4 BAJO ZERO ÁNGEL DE PAPEL. BLOODHUNTER NEVER LET IT REST TIM RIPPER. Helloween - Helloween (2021)\01. Out For The Glory. ICONIC NOWHERE TO RUN SECOND SKIN. H.E.A.T NATIONWIDE. Misery Index - Complete Control (2022)\03. Complete Control. Rammstein - 2022 - Zeit\11 Adieu. BandasAsociadas 1\BandasAsociadas\magus- Miedo a la Oscuridad. The Big Deal (Serbia)\2022 - First Bite\09. Bad Times, Good Times. Udo Dirkschneider - My Way (2022)\14 - Hell Bent For Leather. TIERRA SANTA PECADO DE ANGEL DESTINO. Crypta\01 - From The Ashes. Lordi - Lordiversity (Limited Edition Boxset, 7CD) (2021)\CD 3 The Masterbeast From The Moon\08 Church Of Succubus. JAKOB SAMUEL - CoExist [Japanese Edition +1] (2021) 0dayrox\Jakob Samuel - 07 - Blame It On Love. RUNA LLENA AON\09_Pista. Ghost - Impera (2022)\12 Respite On The Spitalfields. LAURENNE LOUHIMO BITCH FIRE. ARCH ENEMY Handshake With Hell.m Jani Liimatainen - My Father's Son (2022)\02 - All Dreams Are Born to Die (feat. Tony Kakko). Halestorm - Back From the Dead (2022)\10 - Psycho Crazy. Scorpions - Rock Believer (Deluxe Edition) (2022)\CD1\07 - Hot And Cold . Iron Maiden - Senjutsu (2CD) (2021)\CD1\03 The Writing On The Wall Various Artists - A Tribute to Death (2022)\01. Mayhem - Evil Dead

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