La hora del rock 187 , que calorrrr!!! nordic union, arch enemy y mas


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LA HORA DEL ROCK N. 187 David Readman - Medusa (2022)\06 - Change the World. AERIAL BLACKED Play It Loud! (The Fish Factory 2022) EPK\PLAY IT LOUD! Audio\MP3\02_Play It Loud!. In Flames - The Great Deceiver (Single) (2022)\01. The Great Deceiver. Nordic Union\2022 - Animalistic\03. If I Could Fly. Starstrike - Legacy Or Destiny (2022)\03 Russion Roulete. Amon Amarth - The Great Heathen Army (2022)\04 - Oden Owns You All. Soulfly - Totem (2022)\04. Rot in Pain. QUORUM La barrera del miedo. RIPPER EMBATTLED. EMBELLISH A THOUSAND LIGHT YEARS FROM YOU\05 Lets burn the night. H.E.A.T. - Force Majeure (2022)\04. Hollywood. Jack Starr's Burning Starr - Souls of the Innocent (2022)\07. Ships In The Night. olivia newton john twist of fate. MEGADETH SOLDIERS ON. Brotherhood Inc. (Argentina)\2021 - Mentes de Fierro\05 - La Confusion Crematory - Inglorious Darkness (2022)\08 - Zur Hölle. KISS - 2021 - KISS Off The Soundboard Tokyo 2001\10 - Let Me Go Rock & Roll. Gräce - Hope (2022)\02 - The Nowhere Man (feat. Jessie Williams). Legion - Lethal Liberty (España 1989)\01 Lethal Liberty. ECLIPSE Saturday Night (Hallelujah). Arch Enemy - Deceivers (Limited Edition) (2022)\12. Into The Pit. Arch Enemy - Deceivers (Limited Edition) (2022)\04. The Watcher. Nordic Union\2022 - Animalistic\07. Animalistic. Journey - Freedom (2022)\13 - United We Stand. DYNAZTY - Yours (Single)\DYNAZTY - Yours. Motor Sister - Get Off (2022)\11 - Time's Up. Bullet for My Valentine - Bullet For My Valentine (Deluxe Edition 2022) (2021)\06. Bastards. Harlequin's Kiss - We've Been Expecting You (2022)\07 - Take Me Away.

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