He Should Be Locked Up In Jail For Murder' Did Kamala Harris Send This Tweet About Kyle Rittenhouse?


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A picture shared on Facebook supposedly shows Vice President Kamala Harris tweeting that Kyle Rittenhouse made a particular Instagram account and that individuals ought not follow it, additionally saying, "He ought to be secured up prison for homicide!"


Decision: False
Harris didn't tweet the assertion. The Instagram account referenced in the phony tweet is a fan account.

Truth Check:

The Facebook post elements a tweet purportedly sent by Harris that peruses, "Amazing! Kyle Rittenhouse just began another Instagram account called @the.Kyle.Rittenhouse He ought to be secured up prison for homicide! Go report his record and don't follow him. We can't allow these moderates to win @the.Kyle.Rittenhouse don't follow."

Rittenhouse lethally shot two men and non lethally shot a third during an Aug. 25, 2020, fight in Kenosha, Wisconsin, CNBC detailed. In November, a jury observed Rittenhouse, who contended self-preservation, not liable on every one of the charges documented against him in association with the shootings, video of his preliminary shows.

There is no record of Harris tweeting the assertion credited to her in the Facebook post. A high level hunt of her confirmed
Twitter accounts - @KamalaHarris and @VP - yielded no counterparts for the assertion, and it doesn't show up in ProPublica's Politwoops chronicle of her erased tweets. The remark is additionally missing from her other online media posts.

Writer Mary Spicuzza investigated Twitter Nov. 16 that Harris told her that the "emphasis ought to be on current realities and the proof for the situation" and that she was "not going to remark on either." On Nov. 19, the date Rittenhouse got cleared, Harris tweeted, "The present decision justifies itself with real evidence. I've spent a larger part of my vocation attempting to make our criminal equity framework more fair. It's unmistakable, there's still significantly more work to do."

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