GOP lawmakers warned what to expect if Jim Jordan becomes House judiciary chair


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Showing up on CNN's "Condition of the Union"

with have Jake Tapper, Rep. Adam Kinzinger

(R-IL) feigned exacerbation at the possibility that

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) could rise to

the chairmanship of the House Judiciary

Board of trustees assuming the Republican Party takes

control of the House - - then, at that point, given a desperate

cautioning concerning what's in store.

"Conservative Congressman Jim Jordan recognized messaging, sent it
On from an authority, saying how Mike Pence could supposedly dismiss discretionary votes," have Tapper started. "Jordan is set to turn into the administrator of the panel one year from now on the off chance that the Republicans reclaim the House in the following year. Can Jordan soundly seat that board of trustees?"
"Will he solidly seat it? No. Could he seat it? Definitely, and I think he probably will," the GOP legislator shot back. "Two years prior or three years prior, the Republican Party saw these non-genuine officials, these bomb hurlers, these we should just-stand out enough to be noticed as
Not genuine competitors. Presently they essentially run the Republican coalition."

'What's [House Minority Leader] Kevin McCarthy been doing the last year?" he asked logically. "Essentially whatever Marjorie Taylor Greene advises him to do. I check out him [Jordan] and say, 'no doubt, he couldn't soundly head the advisory group however he absolutely could head the board of trustees."

"See, as a party, and I say this to individual Republicans, 'do you truly think this is a triumphant answer for the future?" he added. "Better believe it, it might cause you to feel great since you're possessing individuals and blowing up and that stuff, do you believe it's something triumphant for what's to come? I don't, however we'll see."

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