20. When Blogging Became Problematic.


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I'm happy to share with you the exact moment when blogging became problematic so you can get ahead and avoid this situation. It is important that you take notes and solve these problems for your content marketing strategy 2021. Your blogging career will take off once you solve this, but until that, the best advice is to start a blog without writing, start a blog by coming up to solutions, act on your decisions and rely on your numbers to tweak and grow.

0:00 When Blogging Became Problematic
0:23 Time and Energy.
0:52 Content and Privacy.
2:21 Numbers and Meaning.
3:48 Platform and Media.
5:06 Audience and Voice.
6:39 Revenue and Growth.
08:16 Language and Subtitles.
08:55 Final thoughts.

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