Leader of His People: The Life of the Dvar Avraham


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The last rabbi of pre war Kovno, Rav Avraham Dovber Kahana-Shapira (1870-1943), was known by the name of the sefer he authored, the Dvar Avraham. Born into the Lithuanian rabbinic elite, and having studied at the Volozhin Yeshiva, he was appointed rabbi of Kovno (Kaunas) in 1913. He remained at his post until his passing in the Kovno Ghetto three decades later.

During this time he was recognized as one of the greatest leaders of Lithuanian Jewry, managing to navigate the various factions of the Kovno Jewish community, execute his rabbinical duties and serve as a worldwide posek fielding halachic questions. He even found the time to make a historic visit to the United States in 1924. When the war broke out he was in Switzerland, and his son in New York offered to bring him over to safety. He declined, insisting that his place was with his beloved community in Kovno. Returning to the war zone, he courageously led the Jews of the Kovno Ghetto even as his health worsened and the situation became precarious. His passing in 1943 was marked by a public funeral, which thousands attended despite the risks it entailed. For sponsorship opportunities about your favorite topics of Jewish history contact Yehuda at: yehuda@yehudageberer.com Subscribe To Our Podcast on: PodBean: https://jsoundbites.podbean.com/

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