Breaking Down Cryptocurrency, Web 3.0, and NFT’s with Evan ‘Thor’ Torrens


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Welcome to Gen-Z and Friends, today’s guest is Evan 'Thor' Torrens!
Evan is an entrepreneur, web designer, and early crypto investor. Evan has also worked in the entertainment industry where he picked up an Emmy Award and was an ex-special assistant to President Donald Trump.

In today’s episode we discuss cryptocurrency, Web 3.0, and NFTs. So if you're new to this space listen up you’ll certainly learn a few things, and if you are well versed in the crypto world then hopefully you’ll enjoy our perspective and views on this exciting topic.
The conversation begins with us breaking down cryptocurrency and delving into the project Evan is currently focusing on which is ZCash, trading under $ZEC. We then walk through the revolutionary shift to Web 3.0 and discuss its impact on the next generation. Finally, we end with a quick guide to NFT's, why they have potential, and how you can participate in all of these growing industries.
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