Episode 61: Teaching Grammar Lexically


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In the second episode of my teaching lexically series, I tackle grammar. How can we get away from the dreaded rules + exercises + sentence-level production and get students using real-world phrases?

Fear not! I give you the briefest of backgrounds to’ grammaticalizing’ lexis, and then I dive into a few simple activities and ways you can incorporate this directly into your teaching.

It takes time and more than a little courage to change your teaching style but I think this series will help you and I’d LOVE you to take one of my suggestions and try it out in your next lesson.

Go on, you know you want to.

Activities and suggestions:

1. Don’t make a big deal of it

2. Layer upon layer of lexis

3. Focus on patterns in discourse

4. Record and use emergent language

5. Single words not wanted!

6. Teach fixed expression with the same grammar

7. Keep real-world situations in mind

8. Use the stuff around you for inspo

Oh and make sure your students write EVERYTHING down!

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Episode Show Notes:

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