Hartvoice - Manifesting


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Hartvoice is a Mexican duo made up of the legendary Dj Klang and the prolific producer Víctor Álvarez Rubín. Together they develop a deep and bright sound that fuses Techno with Progressive House, and sometimes takes the form of Tech House. Hartvoice presents his debut album "Paranormal Spy" with Euforia Records, an amazing album where, along nine tracks, we travel the broad and dazzling path that the sound of this duo traces. The album contains enigmatic pieces with synthesizer embellishments that enhance the deep atmosphere that surrounds us like “Manifesting” and “Cornelios Way”. We also find much more melodic tracks whose squeaky synths stand out against the intense rhythmic bases like “Gardens Of The Mind” and “PsiKick”. The most energetic track on the album is "Paranormal Spy", which gives this album its name and brings together all the power of Hartvoice. The range of sounds developed by Hartvoice also takes us through festive tech house on tracks like “Waxmachine” and “Surrender Your Ego” in which the positive energy flows unhindered. We also find a much more minimalist and deep tech house on tracks like “Teen Maids” and “Blockchain”. Hartvoice shows in a forceful way the sonic possibilities of his musical proposal in “Paranormal Spy”, an album that fuses genres with surprising technique.

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