Sweet Medicine Nation: the Wisdom Keeper - Disrupt Everything #177


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"We're on the largest and worldwide vision quest of history" - Sweet Medicine.

Interview to wisdom keeper and medicine teacher, Sweet Medicine on traditional rites of passage ceremonies, indigenous wisdom, ancestral cultures and medicines, shamanism, native teachings, healing, human evolution, vision quest and, spiritual initiations, the divine feminine and consciousness awakening.

A conversation about ritualism, keeping and sharing ancestral wisdom, connecting with nature, initiations' power, and the importance of rites of passage, and awaken human potential from a different perspective.

"We have in all of us all the tools we'll ever need"

Sweet Medicine Nation is a Wisdom Keeper and Teacher with 45 years of traditional ceremonial experience and native teachings.

Sweetie is a gifted artist, educator, lecturer, and medicine Teacher and guide. With her eloquence, wisdom, and gifts, she’s dedicated her life to offering opportunities for people to experience a conscious and deep connection with nature and spirit through indigenous education and ceremony.

"I started helping people from a very young age"

"Look at how we divide ourselves" - Sweet Medicine.

Index of contents

  1. What's to be a leader and a woman.
  2. Life highlights.
  3. How we can reinvent the world.
  4. Evolving as complete human beings.
  5. The awakening.
  6. The initiation.
  7. Kikaya - to remember.
  8. Last message.

"I was pronounced dead for 20 minutes"

Podcast show-notes

"At the spiritual level, there's no limitation" - Sweet Medicine.

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