Shi Miao Hai: the path towards connecting with your Buddha Nature - Disrupt Everything #179


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"If you do not actively work on yourself and live in the way that is in your mind, all these words, all these teachings won't serve you" - Shi Miao Hai.

Interview with Shaolin-Buddhist monk and novice at Shaolin Temple Shi Miao Hai on cultivating, clearing and peacifying the mind, meditation, Buddhist teachings, life-mastery, living as a Shaolin monk, oneness, finding your originality, self-compassion, your buddha nature, and what he is learning working, living and training at Shaolin Temple.

"Budhha reminds of us our potential to become enlightened"

I recorded this interview while participating in the Monastery On-Time program at the Shaolin Temple; in the last of the program, this was my second experience there.

"What it is inside that makes creating suffering in this world and not living a joyful life" - Shi Miao Hai.

I hope you enjoy this interview this rich and enlightening interview as much as I did.

"This experience, Buddhism, is not any more an understanding of the mind, but understanding it with the heart"

"No matter how far you come, even as a master one day, you are still learning every day" - Shi Miao Hai.

Index of contents

"Every knowledge can lead to another perspective"

  1. Life-time highlights.
  2. The existential questions.
  3. True inner happiness.
  4. Staying in your inner centre.
  5. Key steps and methods to align with your Buddha nature.
  6. Masters and their guidance.
  7. Great lessons from his masters.
  8. Finding your own truth.
  9. How to cultivate a clear mind.
  10. On meditation and how to get started.
  11. Essential learnings about being a novice and living in the monastery.

"If you love something, there's nothing more beautiful than sharing it."

Podcast show-notes

"Happiness based on outside circumstances that we want to keep and we want to defend always will lead to our unhappiness"

"There's nothing in this world, in this complete universe that stays that way it is" - Shi Miao Hai.

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