Frank Blake: essential lessons on legendary leadership and exploiting your capabilities - Disrupt Everything #182


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“I get fascinated when people do good for others” - Frank Blake.

Interviewing the iconic Frank Blake, The Home Depot CEO and Chairman, he previously served as deputy secretary for the US Department of Energy. Frank is a world-class disruptor that has to lead the way in uncertain times, showing true leadership mastery. He has worked directly with Vice President George H.W. Bush as a deputy counsel. He has also served in various executive roles at General Electric, reporting directly to the legendary Jack Welch. It’s a conversation that turns around essential leadership, management, emotional intelligence, human excellence, commitment, celebrating good deeds, real success, overcoming the crisis, dancing with uncertainty, storytelling and having an outstanding attitude.

“My job is to make you all successful”

“The most successful people are fuelled by the deeds of the people around” - Frank Blake.

Index of contents

  1. Top life-milestones.
  2. Biggest learnings from the most important milestones.
  3. Business highlights.
  4. Key lessons on management.
  5. Start-ups and leading the way.
  6. Social good and celebrating good deeds.
  7. How to dance with uncertainty.
  8. Key learning’s on persuasion.
  9. Differences between running companies yesterday and today.
  10. Overcoming the crisis and turn it into opportunities.
  11. Proudest moments.
  12. Most difficult challenge.
  13. The cheapest failure.
  14. Expensive success.
  15. Most expensive failure.
  16. Valuable skillset.
  17. Daily routine.
  18. Life-advice.

“That’s my own passion, to talk about humanity as it best”

Podcast show-notes

“The Home Depot is the American Dream running over and over again”

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