Zen Master Soeng Hyang: on being before thinking & the "what is this" attitude - Disrupt Everything #147


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"I never saw buddha until I tried LSD." - Zen Master Soeng Hyang.

Interview to Soeng Hyang (Barbara Rhodes), one of the world-leading Zen Masters at the Kwan Um Zen School. A conversation about compassion, love, oneness, self-mastery, psychedelics, the practical wisdom within Zen teachings, the Koans' immense power, the different meditative and contemplative techniques, and their applicability in today's world. We also talk about the impact of traditional teaching through the online landscape, and the power of "What is this?", "don't know", "before thinking", and suchness concepts...

"When you ask 'what is this you're not assuming"

"Become one with your primary point" - Zen Master Soeng Hyang.

Index of contents

  1. What is this?
  2. Milestones.
  3. Psychedelics experience.
  4. Koan introspection.
  5. Kwan Um school teachings.
  6. Lessons for living with serenity.
  7. The Heart Sutra.
  8. The problem with "don't know."
  9. Zen prostrations.
  10. Chanting and its impact.
  11. Zen philosophy and how to live a better life.
  12. Rituals, skills, habits.
  13. Everyday integration.
  14. Meditation is done right.
  15. Learnings from teaching Zen online.
  16. Anecdotes.
  17. What's the point?
  18. How to fix this? (the world)
  19. Non-requested advice.

"If I don't get that, I don't get that."

Resources and podcast show notes:

"Don't know it's not knowing; it knows anything but what you are integrating right know" - Zen Master Soeng Hyang.

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