Tim Lerch: how to find your true essence - Disrupt Everything #162


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"Make music responsible for the experience" - Tim Lerch.

Interviewing world-renowned Jazz and Blues guitarist, educator, zen teacher and Emmy award-winning composer Tim Lerch about Zen teachings, calming the mind, finding your true essence and the intersection between music, wisdom, love and self-mastery.

It's a conversation about the intersection between blues, jazz, Zen practice and mastering life as an honest, human and self-disciplined apprentice.

"Meditation means experiencing the moment by itself"

"My life fell apart when I was 30, and I had the chance to sit in a retreat; at the end of the retreat, I had nothing to return to" - Tim Lerch.

Index of contents

  1. Life-changing experiences.
  2. First encounter with music - as a professional.
  3. Monastical life.
  4. What blues and jazz mean to Tim Lerch.
  5. Learning working in Tone, taste and telecasters applied to real life.
  6. Pearl Django, milestones that have shaped him as a person and as a musician.
  7. When and how Zen stands in the Way.
  8. What's the before and after Zen on Tim's life.
  9. The intersection between his life as a musician and his life as a Zen teacher.
  10. The biggest learning he had through Zen teachings.
  11. What educating people online has taught him about mastering a skill as playing the guitar.
  12. How staying productive combines personal, professional and educational-meditator sides.
  13. Mentors have had a big impact on Tim's career.
  14. The one finding that has most surprised him recently.
  15. His most effective tools for personal development.
  16. The essentials tips for creating a life that thrives.
  17. Rapid fire-questions.
  18. Final message.

> And the question for the listeners:

What are you?

"Blues is an idiomatic language that expresses something true of human nature"

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Podcast show-notes and resources:

"If you are always ready, you don't have to be ready" - Tim Lerch.

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