Edward Zaydelman: how to be a master-apprentice - Disrupt Everything #157


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Interviewing Edward Zaydelman, for a second time here in Disrupt Everything podcast series - he's the first disruptor interviewed twice - about Holistic High-Performance, ideas that make a difference, Journaling maximization, optimal performance master strategies and tactics, psychedelics, best practices for psychedelic (and non-psychedelic) integration, new ways of sustainable living and self-mastery.

It's a conversation about how to extract and integrate the very best of life and work for optimal performance.

Index of contents

  1. Highlights from 2018 and on.
  2. Some of the ideas that most served Edward Zyadelman.
  3. Best strategies/tactics from top-practitioners and healers.
  4. Successful patterns and behaviours.
  5. People that have made an impact on Ed's life.
  6. Journaling - best practices and essential steps.
  7. Holistic High-Performance.
  8. Psychedelics: impact and findings.
  9. Best integration practices.
  10. Nookleo - sustainable living.
  11. Final message.

Podcast notes and resources:

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