Ep.063- Lorenzo Antonucci - "Nobody can tell you that you can't do it. Paradise City was made with a lot of love and passion. The series have become an amazing success & worldwide phenomenon"


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The Dialogue with my friend Mega Actor, Hollywood Superstar, Musician & Executive Producer of the TV Series & Worldwide Phenomenon #ParadiseCity, #LorenzoAntonucci was wild and amazing. We talked about his major role as Pauly Antignani in Paradise City, how Paradise City become a worldwide phenomenon, his career and great roles in #GameOfThrones / #Ballers with Dwayne #TheRock Johnson & many others. His days in crossover thrash band - #SwornEnemy, his #PuertoRican & #Italian roots, his lover for #PuertoRico, his love and passion for the wrestling business, a surprise call from #EnzoAmore🔥, how he is a inspiration to the world and more🎧🚀🌎💯🔥🎬💣💥

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