Modal verbs in English


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Verbos modales en inglés. You MUST visit Loch Ness if you ever go to Scotland!

Yep, there you are another photo of our trip to Scotland last year. We just fell in love with Loch Ness, it is something everyone MUST see if they visit that country. Yeah! You got it quickly. Today, in the B2 English course, you’re going to find out about modal verbs and how to use them. Yes, modal verbs, those old friends of yours: must, should, have to, can, etc. They’re one of the cornerstones of any decent B2 level, so you’d better make sure you know how to use and recognize them. That’s what I’ll help you with in this class. I’m going to make you a true master of modals, so let’s start! Verbos modales en inglés nivel B2 – What you will learn today

What modal verbs are and why they’re different from regular verbs How to express ability with modals How to express certainty with modal verbs How to express prohibition and obligation Give advice using modals When and how you should use them in an exam

Real life practice!

That’s it guys. You did it. The first class on modal verbs is now covered. Congrats. Now it’s time for you to put all this into practice, listening to English (radio, TV, series, movies) and talking to natives in real situations. Remember, it’s the only way to really improve your English. The rest is bullshit! Take care, follow my instructions in the training and see you in a week, guys!

Desbloquéate al hablar inglés, entiende a los nativos y comienza tu transformación bilingüe con mi training gratuito:

¡Lo quiero!

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