The Way To Success Is A Winding Road, With Rachel And Chris, Narlee Films


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In this interview episode I talk to two of my favorite people from my time back in Florida, my cousin, Chris, and his wife, Rachel. One of the reasons I wanted to do this interview with them is because they have both seen their share of success in the multiple things that they have gotten involved with as they themselves have continued to evolve and discover new passions. In the interview you'll hear their cute and funny story about how they met, some of their past jobs and experiences and how they have continued to pivot along the way and how it has led them to where they are now- a PREMIERE and TOP RATED wedding/event videography team. In part two of the interview you'll hear more about their methods, how they constantly try to improve and some of why they are in such high demand. For more info on Rachel and Chris' services, visit their page: This interview was recorded October 6, 2021.

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