Episode 136: Myanmar Coup - What is Happening and Why?


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The Southeast Asian country of Myanmar has suffered from countless hardships and injustices in the recent past, from the mass genocide of the Rohingya Muslims to having one of the longest ongoing civil wars in the world. To make things even worse, on February 1st, the Myanmar military successfully deposed the democratically elected National League for Democracy (NLD) party through a military coup—seizing the power of the government and declaring a state of emergency and martial law. Three months later, the protests have resulted in more than seven hundred civilians dying—including children—and there have been over three thousand people put in prison. These numbers are rising and the situation becomes seemingly more and more complicated every day. Join us for this week’s episode as we discuss the ongoing crisis in Myanmar and what might be done to solve it. Read the full transcript here: https://www.dynamicenglish.cl/coffee-with-gringos-podcast-clases-particulares-de-ingle/episode-136-myanmar

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