Episode 102: Traditional Dances of Latin America


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Latin America is known for many cultural aspects that make it so unique and special such as food, drinks, geography, art, and music. However, perhaps the most important of all the cultural aspects is dance. It seems to be infused into the daily rhythm and soul of every person that calls Latin America home—with each dance as unique and interesting as it’s own country and culture. To celebrate Chile’s Fiestas Patrias celebrations on September 18th, we decided to discuss some of Latin America’s unique, traditional dances, including Chile’s own Cueca. So put on your dancing shoes and tune in to find out more. Read the transcript while you listen here: https://www.dynamicenglish.cl/coffee-with-gringos-podcast-clases-particulares-de-ingles/episode-102-the-traditional-dances-of-south-america

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