EP 144 - Attack of the Carpet Shark


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The conversation is on serious intellectual territory when it suddenly takes an unexpected handbrake turn into shark pickling.

(2.00) Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid

(4.00) A Lonely Girl is a Dangerous Thing by Jessie Tu

(5.00) Cover art by Akiko Chan

(8.00) Monkey Grip by Helen Garner

(8.10) Head On Film based on the book Loaded by Christos Tsiolkas

(8.50) The Trout, Music Film of 1969 with Du Pré, Perlman, Barenboim, Mehta & Zukerman on YouTube

(9.10) An Equal Music by Vikram Seth

(13.00) The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel | Podcast | Book

(13.50) 99% Invisible Podcast - Ep 318 The Infantorium

(16.30) Strong Songs Podcast - "Tightrope" by Janelle Monáe | "No One Knows" by Queens of the Stone Age

(18.00) Twins Reacts YouTube Channel | “Joelene” by Dolly Parton | “In The Air Tonight” by Phil Collins

(19.20) CrossBread Podcast

(21.00) Hamish Blake Instragram

(23.50) Exciting Times By Naoise Dolan

(26.00) The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living, 1991 by Damien Hurst

(27.50) The shark hunter, the artist and a nice little earner by Annabel Crabb

(28.00) 10yo in stable condition after shark 'grabbed him from boat' on abc.net.au/news

(32.00) Fanging It - Man fights off brown snake while speeding in central Queensland by Jessica Johnston

Sponsor Sorrow and Bliss by Meg Mason

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