Jelly Drops, Design and Testing with Colby Fayock


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The astro coder came to visit!!
Colby Fayock, developer advocate at applitools is a passionate creator and developer. Colby have amazing content across multiple channels and media. In this episode we talk about some of his content an din particular about his Jelly Drops: Fundamentals of Javascript series and his amazing course: From Design to Development Crash Course a full course to create a full web application including design, coding, authentication and more.
We also talk about his love for the JAMStack, github actions and testing.
Find more from Colby's content in:
- a 7-week email course focused on developer the human-centered skills required for your own journey.
- 50 react projects Dive in with 50 projects complete with project briefs and wireframes!
- Colby's Youtube Channel
- Talk: Put down the Javascript: Level Up With the Fundamentals of Web Development
- Twitter:

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